State Bar Of Nevada Honors Its Members Who Have Served In The U.S. Armed Forces

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Nevada Lawyer offers its sincerest thanks to those State Bar of Nevada members who have served and/or continue to serve in the U.S. Armed Forces. 

Over the past months, utilizing both the magazine and the bar’s E-newsletter, we put out a call for the names of those individuals. Those who responded have been included in the list below.

Many of our members have served in more than one branch of the service or in the reserves; however, due to space constraints, we have included each name only once. To those of you who served but did not send your names, we also extend our appreciation for your service to our nation.

Thanks to our bar members pictured for submitting photos for this special feature.

U.S. Air Force

Mark H. Gunderson



Mark Gunderson is the founding partner at Gunderson Law Firm and can be contacted directly at or by calling (775) 829-1222.


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